Ölüdeniz - Türkey

Height over water: 
1000 meter
maximum 3 acro tandem flights per day

Ölüdeniz (means “Dead Sea” in Türkish) is a perfect holiday resort and since many years it is really popular among paragliding pilots. With a height of 1910 meter over sea level and a stunning panoramic view of the Mediterranean coastline, the Babadaǧ mountain is probably one of the most flown flying hot-spots in the world. Thanks to the great altitude difference there is minimum 1000-1200 meters to burn down over the turquoise-blue water which also makes it a really beloved site for acro pilots. The drive up to the top takes about 50 minutes with a 4x4 jeep through the beautiful cedar forest. In 2010 the road and the take-off places were completely renovated and improved.
Between April and October you will find summer temperatures on the beach and thanks to the local micro-climate the number of flyable days is really high.

How to get here?: 
The nearest airport is in Dalaman which is a one hour drive from Ölüdeniz. A taxi from the airport costs around 100 TYL (~ 50 EUR). The flight from most of the European cities cost about 400 EUR with Türkish Airlines including one stop in Istanbul. You will only find direct flights to Dalaman from the United Kingdom.
Where to stay?: 
It is recommended to stay in Ölüdeniz. The town offers a wide range of hotels starting from around 20 EUR / night / person.