Special coaching flights with double-brake-system.
Overcome your fears! With this unique teaching method, quick progression is guaranteed! Feel 13 years of experience in your own hands!
295 EUR
-15% (250 €) for acro pilots already training with an acro glider.

Having your own pair of brakes in the hand you will be able to FEEL EXACTLY how the maneuvers are piloted at the world's highest level.

Absolutely uncomparable with any other course or training:
- Safe.
- Extremely effective.
- The best way to confront your fears and to overcome them.
- Simply the best way to learn acro and get the feeling of how maneuvers are piloted.

Maneuvers to choose from, depending on your level:
Full Stall, Tail Slide, Wing Over, Asymmetric Spiral, SAT, Helicopter, Helicopter connections, Looping, Misty Flip, Dynamic Full Stall, Asymmetric SAT, Tumbling, Rhythmic SAT.

Theory instructions available in the following languages: English, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Hungarian.

Minimum requirements:
- Speak well one of the languages above.
- Hold a valid paragliding licence.

Included in the price: 
Theory instructions before and after the flight
Direct in-flight instructions during the maneuvers
Debriefing with video analysis
On-board video footage (HD GoPro)
Not included: 
Transport to take-off site