Just sit back and enjoy!
Fun acrobatic flights with diversity
295 EUR
-15% (250 €) for paraglider pilots.
-30% (200 €) for acro pilots already training with an acro glider.

A real taste of aerobatics paragliding at the world's highest level. Experience how the dynamics and the energy of this special tandem paraglider will be set free during different maneuvers. You have nothing else to do but to enjoy the adrenaline-rush!

Let your pilot impress you with a freestyle run or a mutually agreed choreography from the following tricks:

Full Stall, Tail-Slide, Wing-Over, Asymmetric Spiral, SAT, Helicopter, Heli to SAT, SAT to Heli, Heli to Heli, Looping, Asymmetric SAT, Tumbling (not vertical), Rhythmic SAT (not vertical).

Watch the sample video to get the feeling of such a flight!

Included in the price: 
On-board video footage (HD GoPro)
Not included: 
Transport to take-off site