Robert Bragason

Type of flight: 
Date of flight: 
10 January, 2010
I recently had the great fortune to fly with Pál on his Tandem U-turn when having a flying holiday in Ölu deniz, Turkey.   Right from the moment I heard that Pál was in town it was as if I had been bitten by some exotic bug (the infinity bug) and it's venom was progressively infecting every cell in my body. As I had just recently seen Pál's first successful attempt to do infinity tumble on a tandem I knew I just had to do it!   And man am I happy I did. After a very professional and concise pre-flight check and briefing we launched from Mnt. Babadag and flew over the ocean to perform a total of 18 rotations of infinity tumble and I have to tell you, it was a completely mind blowing and unforgettable experience. After a perfect execution of the infinity we performed two successful loops and together performed one dynamic full stall which was easy to perform with Pál's duo control system.   If you are thinking about taking a ride with Pál then stop thinking now and just go for it.