Nick Brand

Type of flight: 
Date of flight: 
20 September, 2011
Learning Acro with Pal turned my paragliding career on its head, literally. Weather it be SIV, basic or advanced Acro, the way Pal trains gives you the skills and confidence with plenty of valuable safety maneuvers. Instruction with Pal will help make any pilots' paragliding career safer. The confidence that Pal instills with his calm and concise instruction leaves you focusing solely on the task in hand while expediting learning and building perspective in a way I can't wait to experience again. Tandem Acro training has to be the best and safest way to learn; if you are are going to screw-up you want to do it with the world champ strapped to your back. Nothing beats experiencing first hand the expert carrying out the maneuver with you and then the same expert analyzing every move from 2 inches away- nothing gets lost in communication or over distance. If you are a pilot (or not) and haven't seen the world from this angle you are in for a great ride! Nick