John Scicluna

Type of flight: 
Date of flight: 
22 September, 2011
I did my first SIV with Pal, having 20hrs flying experience since getting my basic license in Australia. I was a nervous pilot and was terrified about full stalls. Everyone says you must visualize the manoeuvre before you try it, but this is hard when you don’t know what it feels like. On a tandem with Pal, we did the manoeuvre together. I could feel the pressure in the brakes and the movements of the glider. Knowing what to expect, it was then my turn to do it myself using my own pair of brake handles, with Pal only assisting if needed. This made the first stalls on my solo wing much less stressful. This experience gave me the confidence to start learning on an acro wing and now I do stalls for fun almost every time I fly. I know that if I ever need it to save my life, I won’t hesitate to stall the glider and recover it quickly. Tandem Acro coaching is the FASTEST and SAFEST way to learn new manoeuvres.