Chris Banford

Type of flight: 
Date of flight: 
27 August, 2011
What an amazing experience. If you get a chance to fly the Red Bull tandem with Pál, then just do it (take out a 2nd mortgage if needed, but do it!). This is something that pretty much every paragliding pilot *must* try (possibly adrenaline junkie non-pilots as well!). Pál is such a talented and confident pilot that it isn't even a wee bit scary to find yourself upside-down in a 1000m Infinity Tumble. I even think we set a new total weight record for an infinity tumble (my flight weight is about 110kg at the moment). We also did a Helicopter and a couple of wicked wing-overs -- always wondered what it felt like to look straight down at one's wing! The flight dropped more than a thousand meters in probably 40 seconds and is something that I'll always remember. Can even imagine myself showing up to Turkey next year with a new Acro wing... :-)  In the two weeks I spent flying in Ölüdeniz (Turkey), my flying ability progressed in huge leaps and bounds, and having the tandem flight with Pál, followed by some S.I.V. (10 full stalls in one flight!) were the crowning achievements for an amazing trip. Many thanks Pál & best of luck with your endeavours -- see you for some flying in Zermatt! Cheers, -Chris P.S. Sorry for stretching your nice custom wing!