Is the INFINITY flight suitable for me? I am affraid of the heavy G-Forces!

For every healthy person - no matter if young or old - it is absolutely no problem to stand out the high G-Forces during the Infinity Tumbling maneuver. However the forces can reach up to 6-7 G but only for a very short period of time in each turn and there is absolutely no danger of loosing consciousness whatsoever. In those moments you will simply feel that your body becomes heavier and for instance lifting your arms will feel a lot harder. The Infinity Tumbling (a perfectly vertical movement) will be entered from a Rythmic SAT (starting with a horizontal movement) where the angle of the rotation will gradually increase from horizontal to vertical (see the videos to gain better understanding). It means that there will be no sudden shock when entering into Infinity but quite the opposite, the G-Forces will increase step by step in a way that it even will be barely noticeable for You.

The INFINITY flight is NOT recommended for:
- pregnant woman
- people with serious spine problems.