What is it about?
Unique paragliding tandem flights to share the extraordinary feeling of aerobatics flying, performed at worlds class level.

Your pilot and instructor: Pál Takáts
- Professional paraglider pilot and extreme sportsman,
- Overall Aerobatics World Cup Champion in solo (2007, 2011) and in synchro (2011),
- Performer of the first ever Infinity Tumble with a passenger, and the first commercial Infinity flights,
- The world's most experienced pilot in tandem aerobatics flying,
- Inventor of the latest acro tricks.
Visit Pál's website for more information.

The equipment:
- A unique 31m2 Thriller from U-Turn called the Twin Force, designed by the world's leading acro wing designer, Ernst Strobl. The Twin Force is a specially optimized, strongly reinforced and bigger version of the Thriller paraglider, one of nowadays most popular aerobatics model.
- comfortable Sup'air harnesses,
- Steerable tandem rogallo reserve parachute,
- Automatically inflatable life jackets (when flying over water).

How did it start? The tandem acro story in a nutshell:
Back in 2007 Pál Takáts and Gábor Kézi (justACRO Team) set a great challenge for themselves: to become the first pilots in the world to perform the most spectacular acro maneuver in tandem, the Infinity Tumbling. Nobody has ever developed and tested a real aerobatics 2-seater glider in the past, with the full potential to perform all the existing tricks. In March 2010 the first prototype of a special U-Turn Thriller arrived and the project finally began.

On the 7th of August 2010 the dream of the acro scene came true in Switzerland, when Pál and Gábor officially presented the Infinity Tumble in tandem, flying together on this special tandem paraglider (watch the video here). The images of the World Premier traveled around the globe and were broadcasted in televisions in over 100 countries.

After a few more months of practicing, in October 2010 Pál began with the first commercial Infinity tandem flights with untrained passengers. Since then he also developed a unique teaching method that makes it possible for pilots to learn aerobatics extremely efficient. For instructional flights a special double brake system is used that makes it possible for the passenger to become real co-pilots - just like in airplanes. Thanks to this exceptional tool, the instructor and the student are able to steer the glider together and independently. Like this the passenger is able to feel every single brake movement and gain a perfect understanding on how the maneuvers are piloted.